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Bregenz 2007

Name: Bregenz 2007
Date added: 17.10.2007 16:31
Added by:
Description: KIIS picture description
hits: 1965

Main Image Information

No Rotation, No Flip 
(Row 0 is at the visual top of the image,
 and column 0 is the visual left-hand side)
X Resolution3000000/10000 (300) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution3000000/10000 (300) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Software or Firmware
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
Date and Time2007:10:17 14:51:24 (Format: YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS)

EXIF Image File Directory (IFD) contents

Colour Space
Pixel X Dimension800 pixels
Pixel Y Dimension600 pixels

No Makernote Present

Thumbnail Information

Thumbnail compressed with JPEG compression
X Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Exif Thumbnail (JPEG Interchange Format)
Exif Thumbnail Length (JPEG Interchange Format Length)7558 bytes

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